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Tom Mower Jr

Sisel Co Founder and CEO

Tom was instrumental in helping his father, Tom Mower Sr., build Neways into the giant success it became and has been invaluable in launching Sisel into its current momentum as one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the industry. Tom has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Utah and is an experienced formulator, scientist and product engineer. He is credited with developing some of the best selling products in the health and wellness industry. Tom is a dynamic speaker and presenter and is revered by distributors around the world for his knowledge of nutritional effects in the human body.

Tom Mower Jr SEO and CoFounder of Sisel

Tom Mower Sr

The previous owner of Neways International

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by the late Tom Mower Sr, and his son Tom Jr., with the mission to create the most powerful personal care products and dietary supplements in the world.
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Large start up Company


Square ft Manufacturing Plant

Research and Development in house


Share Holders & Debt

Sisel has no debt and no share holders. Product integrity is not comprised by the bottom line


Years in Business

Sisel is firmly established after 14 years in business

SISEL a privately owned Company, has a proven track record. Tom Mower Sr, the previous owner of Neways International, unfortunately forced to sell due to a divorce. Number 5 in the world at that time and Number 1 in Australia. Sisel is poised to become a Giant in the Network Marketing industry.

At phase 3 of a 7 phase build, Tom Jr has a massive Vision for SISEL International. Tom Seniors mission continues today with his Son, Tom Mower Jr.  Tom Jr is always one for researching the research, SISEL products are second to none.

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, and his son
Tom Jr., with the mission to create the most powerful personal care
products and dietary supplements in the world. The term Sisel
(pronounced “sizzle”) is an acronym for; Science, Innovation,
Success, Energy, and Longevity. These are the key foundational
principles for the company.

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Sisel is currently operating in 10 countries around the world and is quickly expanding into other areas.Sisel offer an international compensation structure that is truly global and seamless across countries so that our loyal distributors can reap the financial rewards for building their businesses throughout the world. And because Sisel manufacture their own products, Sisel pays lucrative commissions to its distributors.

The late Tom Mower Sr was actively involved in nearly every aspect of his business whilst Tom Mower Jr was working behind the scenes. Today Tom Mower Jr continues on the legacy of Tom Mower Sr.  For information about the history and mission of the company please read the pdf.

Photo reference: Tom Mower Sr was featured on the front cover of the Obtainer online XXXIII 2008, Germany.
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