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Sisel International Distributors Victoria Australia

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Victoria


Trevor Boshuizen | P: +61 425851094 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10194912
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A hardworking father of three and sick of the daily grind I fell into Network marketing by accident!
Seeing the income potential and the ability to create a leveraged income Network Marketing has changed my life.
A 10 10 10 Team Wealth Builder I am affiliated with SISEL International.
Who is SISEL International ? So how do we do this ?
What are we all about ? What has SISEL got to offer ?

Want answers to these questions and more ….. Come take a look , No Obligation🙂

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Victoria


Joelle Vadas | P 0414230667 or +61 414230667 |E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10200684 |

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Hi I’m Joelle Vadas. I’ve always enjoyed working for myself, creating projects, learning new things, helping make the world a better place in anyway that I can not only for my gorgeous boys but everyone I came across Network Marketing over 25 years ago and its supported me and my family not only financially that whole time but also with my health and well-being and that of my kids, who are all grown up now, but have had great health and with the information I was able to access I feel we were also able to avoid a lot of health conditions that I see many kids and adults dealing with these days.

I haven’t come across anything like these products or this company….not even close to what Tom Mower, the Founder of Sisel has created. Hes a genius, his products work.

Hes always researched the research and now with all this talk of “age reversal” in the scientific community Tom has done it again with his latest release of the A.G.E. pill. Age reversal is no longer science fiction…..its a real possibility and Sisel International is leading the way!

Join us, get well, get younger, help the planet and lets do this!!

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Victoria

Mount Evelyn

Nerellie Hyland | P +61 3 97370620 or +61 410062213 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10209376

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I joined Tom Mower’s previous company in 1998, 19 years ago. I became a total user of all the products, household, personal care and health products. The health products have helped to fix many of my health problems over the years. I heard Tom speak a number of times and was blown way with what he had to say!

I believed he was a genius scientist and inventor. In 2016 when I heard that Tom Mower had a new company called SISEL, I knew I had to join it! He had 30 more years of science and knowledge to use in making the most powerful products ever!

I want, not only safe and non-toxic products in my home, but products that are powerful and effective. I am passionate about the SISEL products and would love to tell you about them.

I live in Mount Evelyn, Melbourne.

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Victoria


Katie Larking | P: +61 3 8692 0035 | | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10173409

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I discovered Tom Mower’s Toxin Free Scientifically Advanced Products. My particular interest was in Age Reversal Products. I heard about TSX Extreme. Sisel’s Telomere Support Product. I was super excited after seeing the science on the ABC News about Telomeres, Mice and the Fountain of Youth, I was immediately on board. It gave me Great HOPE. Sisel’s new A.G.E. pill is a new affordable age reversal product. My excitement has doubled. Sisel sold 3 months supply in 8 days!! Results are flooding in. Add or follow me on facebook

Holding onto the Sisel Dream of earning a passive income achieving Financial Freedom and Better Health has kept me going. Sisel pays 2-6 times more than other MLM and direct Sales Companies, in my experience they have the very best products making this the perfect health and wealth opportunity. Sisel has a diverse product line including consumable toxin free products that are needed by everyone regardless of their financial budget. Everyone needs to brush their teeth, wash their hair and skin and who doesn’t want to feel and look younger? Sisel’s products are highly effective and safe with no nasty ingredients. Ingredients like heavy metals, carcinogens and skin irritants that contribute to ill health and a toxic body. If you are seeking better health, an extra income, or financial freedom please contact me.


Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Victoria

Langwarrin / Frankston

Helen Bothe | P + 61 449 805 771 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10199218

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Thank-you for reading my profile. I fell in love with Tom Mower’s products when he owned his previous company.
I believe Tom’s original product inventions helped my daughter’s health and mine too. After the company was sold unfortunately for me the products changed and I was no longer getting the results as I did before.

I then came across Tom’s company Sisel International. Sisel produces state-of-the-art, non toxic, unique including anti aging skin care and health products.
To be healthy and look younger than my age WOW! I was so excited! Sisel is wonderful because of the amazing health benefits and noticeable changes from the products. Even though I recently joined I have already noticed a difference in my skin in 2 short days!!

If you love the products simply share the products with others and you can improve your financial situation. What a great business opportunity to make an income from home with products you love that actually work!! You can help yourself and others to reverse the aging process, support health and look younger!

Helen Bothe Sisel Distributor

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Victoria

Melton South

Shane Edwards | P: +61 416 923 410 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10208992

My Sisel Youtube CHANNEL check out my VIDEOS

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Like many others I have been dealing with many health issues over quite a few years. My Drs and specialists at various times had suggested many solutions which long term have not worked. With a struggling heart issue, diabetes type 2, and being overweight there was a definite need for change. In the past I have tried a variety of both traditional and non traditional means to improve my health all with little to no success.

Without hesitation I joined and began using the products. In particular I focused on the Triangle for Life pack. Within a week or two I noticed change happening. I was actually waking up in the mornings, had energy and got very excited when my Dr told me my sugar was looking better than ever before. The real moment of excitement was when my podiatrist who had been suggesting I might lose my toes all of sudden asked what I had been doing because he saw a remarkable improvement in the condition of my toes.

I am proud to be a leader in Siseler’s Connect Team and still today pinch myself to believe that what is happening actually is happening. I am excites to think where my life will now be going with Sisel. Even now so early in the business, I am seeing others health improve and watching as my group grows even when I’m not there. Living with Sisel and Sisel people is probably one of the best things ever to happen to me. I look forward to spending time on the beaches around the world with my Sisel family. Facebook shane.edwards.16906 Skype; shaneedwards71

Shane Edwards

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Victoria


 Leanne Powell | +61 407 524 178  | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10232993

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My name is Leanne and I have used Tom’s products before from his old company Neways and always had the best results. So when I heard about Sisel, i was very excited and set out to learn about the products and start taking them myself. I believe Tom Mower produces the best non toxic, highest quality products i have ever come across.

I am a Registered Nurse, have been for around 41 years. I’ve worked in all areas from emergency to ICU to operating theatre, general medical/surgical, maternity and more. I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years and now use all that knowledge as a triage nurse and looking after the elderly. i know how toxic this world is and how many new diseases we have due to this toxicity and the reduced quality of food products we have now. Food with little nutritional value at all plus the GMO food and the toxic medications our doctors put us on. Not good enough. I am going to use all the knowledge I have gained over the years to help people regain their health, staminae, vitality, youthfullness and passion for life.

I’ve started on the AGE pill and have had the most amazing results— my skin is so clear and bright, the puffiness and bags under my eyes have gone, age spots on my hands have gone, calus skin on my feet has gone. I have a new exuberance for life. my energy levels are hugely improved which is wonderful. And thats what I can see and feel on the outside.

If you are interested in finding out what these products can do for you, don’t wait, time is slipping by.

I will be very happy to assist you in choosing products and advising you on your path to youthful wellness.

Leanne Powell Sisel Distributor Australia

Sisel International Distributors New South Wales Australia

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in New South Wales


Margaret Lilburne | E: [email protected] | P: +61 447 155 888 | Distributor ID: 10203693

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I have long been interested in anti-ageing and age reversal. As a part of this interest I run a longevity group called together with my partner Lance Arden and this group is for those who have a vested interest in remaining as young as possible for as long as possible. Indeed one would be hard pressed to find someone as involved in this subject as myself. Although this group is primarily about how to identify age related issues and help to prevent them and age reversal breakthroughs. I am really on a crusade to educate people that there are other options, as you get older, besides ending up in a nursing home taking in more pharmaceuticals than food.

In this endeavour, I am ably supported by Sisel International. We have an amazing telomere support product called TSX (Telomere Support Extreme), and another exciting new age reversal product called the A.G.E pill. I first came into contact with the founder; Tom Mower Senior, about 15 or so years ago and was impressed by his approach to “researching the research”. When he founded his previous company, he was working as an industrial chemist and was amazed to discover that the same chemicals that needed a “hazardous materials” sheet were in most shampoos and conditioners – so he set about making it his life’s work to rid the world of toxins.

I came to appreciate that if Tom said something worked – it did! There are a lot of wellness companies out there and all are saying that their products are the best and there is a lot of hype. The factor that sets Sisel apart – Sisel stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy and Longevity – is the super saturation of active ingredients in thier products. If you would like to know more – please feel free to contact me. I am currently living in Sydney.

Sisel International Distributors Queensland Australia

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Queensland


Sandy Biltoft | E: [email protected] | P: +61 413 008 194 | Distributor ID: 10190166

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I joined Tom Mower’s previous company for his science & knowledge on how to make superior products. Our son had 17 brain surgeries at the age of 15 & was on a lot of medications, which were not working for him. Not to mention the side effects. Our son had amazing results from Tom’s products & when his company sold in 2006 we believe the products were no longer working for us.

So in 2015 we joined Sisel International & we put our son on Tom Mower’s Brain Vitality, Avenger, & amazing things have changed for him.

He could NOT touch his scar on his head, which had been cut open over 15 times & now after being on this product he has no sensitivity there, he sleeps a lot better at night, & his anxiety & panic attacks have completely gone. His eczema on his scalp is also the best it has ever been.

I absolutely love the Triangle of life (Fucyoden, Eternity & Spectramax) gives us so much energy. Keeps us going all day, never need an afternoon nap like a lot of people have to have. Not to mention the health benefits from these 3 drinks is amazing.

Thank You Tom Mower for Saving our Son’s life!

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Queensland


Darryl O’Neill | E: [email protected] | P: +61 435 125 050 | Distributor ID: 10212393 | Find out about Sisel’s AGE Pill click here

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Hi my name is Darryl O’Neill, thank you for reading my profile.

I first started using Tom’s products in the 90s due to them having (no harmful ingredients).
Today I use Sisel (Toms current company) for the same reasons.

Our children have never used supermarket soaps/toothpastes/shampoos.
They have had to can’t wait to use the Sisel Products when they arrive.
Also my wife has extremely sensitive skin and remains using Sisel even after trying “most expensive products” on the market.

We all recommend these products whether you be young or aged. If you are interested in being a product user or getting your products for free please contact me.

Darryl Oneill Sisel International Distributor

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Queensland

North Toowoomba

Geoff Scott | E: [email protected] | P: +61 435 248 483 | Distributor ID: 10190166

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I have always admired Tom and Just listening to him again today Helped re in force that. I started taking Toms products many years ago and know they work. With the Triangle I find I have more energy, after stopping the Triangle for a week I really noticed the difference and couldn’t wait to start it again.

We have also noticed that the skin care products make a difference, Now that I am in my 70s changes we’re occurring which I didn’t like.
We are very excited about age reversal and starting the A.G.E pill. We are looking forward to the results.

My intention is to build a business and I am seeking like minded people. I know from my past experience Tom ensures the marketing plan is fair. We are excited about the enhancements being made to the company. Please contact me to find out more.

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Queensland


Peter Corden | E: [email protected] | P: +61 415 644 244 | Distributor ID: 10212702

Sisel International Distributors South Australia – Australia

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in South Australia


Elizabeth Anderson | E: [email protected] | P: +61 409 848 981 | Distributor ID: 10211772

I have known Tom Mower the founder of Sisel for many years. He has always inspired my husband and I with his innovation and dedication to Health and Wellness using powerful and effective Health, Personal Care and Home products.I owe our family’s health and wellbeing to his products.Sisel is a natural progression for me and we are now using and enjoying the benefits of the Sisel high performance product range.The Sisel Marketing plan is extremely generous and easy to follow. I invite you to become Sisel Safe and enjoy life to its fullest with me and many other HAPPY Sisel users.

Sisel International Distributors Western Australia – Australia

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Western Australia

Perth (Bunbury)

Allison Sawyer | P: +61 422 391 316 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10203195

Thank you for reading my story.

Hi, my name is Allison Sawyer. I am a Sisel Distributor living in Western Australia and I have been involved and passionate about the Mower Mission for over 15 years.
I first came across the Mower’s products when I was looking for safe toxic free products and nutritional supplements for my family. I have been using them ever since.

I particularly like the scientific research and the best of nature that goes into all of the products. Sisel develop and manufacture their own products. The Sisel products are very effective and in my opinion outstanding.
At 57 years of age I am blessed with good health and healthy children. I believe I can attribute my good health to using the safe personal care range, home and health supplement products over a long period of time.

The Mowers have always produced the highest quality products.

If you would like any further information or to catch up with me to discuss Sisel products or the Business opportunity please contact me at anytime or go to my website

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Western Australia


Hermie Diaz | P: +61 439 187 808 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10216738

I can tell you that it felt really good to be back with Tom, to have access to these wonderful products and to be a part of his business
I am located in Joondalup, Western Australia and would be glad to assist if you have any questions or require more information about the products or the lucrative work from home business opportunity. Feel free to email or call or text me at 0403 956 113.

I started my journey from Preventive Maintenance Engineer for 28 years to health prevention. For the last five years, I dedicated and involved with natural products, organic and healthy products as preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle. Then, I joined Sisel International introduced by a business partner from USA.
I am very excited about age reversal, starting with Fucoydon with the A.G.E. pill together. First day was amazing resulting to better and deeper sleep, increased energy and an ailment that I have for 5 years begins to recover after one week.

I look forward towards my journey with age reversal and expect more exceptional and noticeable results.
As much as I can, my goal is to help people attain a longer, healthy and a happy life by educating, informing, and sharing my experience with AGE Pill and Sisel products.

Hermie Diaz Sisel Distributor Australia Perth

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Northern Territory & NSW

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Northern Territory & NSW

Alice Spring & St Ives

Geraldine Knights | P + 61 0412 713 338 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10210148

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As a Registered Nurse I’m am always looking for a way to improve health outcomes.

After learning about the products Sisel has I could understand that this was the way of the future.

I have been using them myself for the last 18 months and have been very impressed by how much better I feel. I love to ride my bike and these products have made it much easier. I am now very keen to help others enjoy a healthy long life.

Geraldine Knights Sisel Distributor Northern Territory Australia

Sisel International Distributors located in Australian Capital Territory – Canberra

Sisel International Distributors located in Tasmania – Hobart

Sisel International Distributors located in USA

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Sisel International Distributors located in Canada

Sisel International Distributors located in Europe
Silvain Geselle Sisel Distributor Spain

Sisel International Independent Distributor located in Europe


Silvain Geselle | P: 0034 696 809 586 | E: [email protected] | Distributor ID: 10232084

Hi Silvain here!

A while back a friend of mine asked me to test some health products of Sisel,
a company that manufactures and markets healthy products.
Yes.. he knows I like a healthy lifestyle!

Oh, my goodness! I think I should be forever grateful to him.. these products did truly change my health. In further research, I even discovered that the business side is amazing!
So, I took the challenge and became a successful Sisel distributor.

I did it. YOU can too!
Success is right in front of you.

Go get it,

P.S. I’m sure the product info will amaze you.

SILVAIN GESELLE Sisel Distributor Europe Spain

Sisel International Distributors located in UK

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