About Dr Curt Ficenec (Doc Fizz)

Dr Curt Ficenec

“We are standing on the edge of a revolution in healthcare. Things are changing rapidly because of the advances in science and technology. Molecular medicine will bring us to finding cures for many otherwise incurable disease. In many cases, regulations are hampering progress. Aging itself is not a disease”.

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Dr Ficenec has spent his entire adult life helping people. He has spoken nationally and internationally to groups of people who are following the same mission.


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  • Interests and focus: Age Reversal Healthcare
  • Certified Wellness Consultant
  • America’s Top Chiropractors, 2004
  • Who’s Who America Young Professionals
  • Who’s Who Young Americans
  • Private practice 1988- present
  • PALMER College of Chiropractic 1987

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