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Sisel Sales Questions by Tom Mower Sr Presiden of Sisel International

Sisel Sales Questions by Tom Mower Sr

Potential Future Vision of what soon could be. Ponder and visulaise what this could mean to you.

WHAT IF… You could ask someone: 1 of 5 questions that will blow out your business into an erupting “volcano of success”. All you would have to do is just ask the question & watch the potential results rapidly expand to your business.

The key is: Ask as many different people and as often as you can. Be persistent and turn your hard work into a river of gold and success flowing to you and yours. The success will blow your mind away for substantial business building. Bulging your wallet so much, you won’t be able to settle on it.


1. If you could provide supplement support to enhance the natural biology in removing the free-floating cancer cells gradually and potentially forever. Would you be interested in a product like this?
(This is not a cancer cure but supportive nutrition)

2. As you pass the age of 20, the cells that grew you diminish until by 40, you have lost about 60% of the stem cells that grow and maintain your body. If you could remove almost all of those old cells, and replace and repopulate them with new fresh young ones so your biology could function as you were in your 20s again, is this something you would want to do?

3. Damaged DNA causes wrinkles to form and hair to grey. If you could genetically turn off that damaged DNA, would this be something you would be interested in doing?

4. If you could rebuild deteriorating muscles and bones into strong, younger, ample, viable ones, with or without exercise, would this be of interest to you?

5. If you calculated the remaining amount of lifetime you have left, and could double it, live it in a younger and healthier manner, would this be of interest to you?

6. If you’re into fitness, what if there was a product that could potentially build muscle twice as fast as normally, recover 3 times faster, increase your maximum exercise capacity 20% higher and for 30% longer, would a product like this be of interest to you?

7. The hydrogen in sunlight creates all life on earth. It’s passed on to us from plants and animals we eat. With depletion of soils, we are not getting near enough. If you could drink a supplement that has the potential to flood your cells with the “power of the sun” in the cells of your body by supplying enormous amounts of hydrogen for energy and oxygen to support increased results, would it be of interest to you?

Science is making this potential a reality.

Potential product application

Questions 1, 2 & 3 are proposed are all different formulas on potential products to be available in the short term within this year.

Possibly 1 & 2 could be a combination product. It all depends on if we can get the ingredients tests have proven and the ultimate cost of the formulation were splitting them may be more appealing or having them in a combination gives you a 2 in 1 hit in these two very similar formulations.

Question 4 is SiselRIPT.

Question 5 is THE AGE PILL and/or either TSX or Brain Vitality (which both support long telomeres which is the only indicator of your biological age)

Question 6 is the soon to be released 10 X formulation that reverberates though most of your body, including the extensive endocrine system.

It offers great support for a woman’s young or ageing biology with specific drivers for increase and balance as well as mens, although men get a extra boost in some aspects of the formula.

Question 7 is the Sisel H2 STIX

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Available 24/7
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