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H2 STIX by Sisel

H2 stands for Hydrogen.

Sisel International’s newest product, H2 Stix is achieving intriguing results.
Hydrogen gas is formed when the H2 stix is mixed with water. Small particles of hydrogen are released into the water as it dissolves, enriching it with diatomic hydrogen.

After drinking hydrogen water many users are reporting surprising health benefits. The following Sisel reviews speak for themselves.

H2 Stix Testimonials and Reviews Sisel International
H2 Stix support cellular energy – it could be the boost you are looking for!


Last year, about 6 months ago, I started feeling some numbness in the feet, which my doctor later identified as peripheral neuropathy, which I still had until a few days ago.

Mon 11 Feb 2019 I started using the Sisel H2 Stix. After 5 days the peripheral neuropathy has almost all disappeared, and I now have almost all my feeling back in my feet. Also, when I go for my regular 30 min run, which I did today, I feel lighter on my feet and the run is a lot easier, faster and more enjoyable. So, this is quite remarkable in that the doctor said that there is not usually much you can do about this condition, and is just another sign of ageing.

I look forward to further progress to get completely back to normal with absolute full feeling in my feet, but I am very happy with the ~95% progress so far. Watch this space. My grand plan is to try out for the annual Stawell Gift, where the main event is a slightly uphill 120 metre race. I also love the taste.

Note that to get the full effect of the Sisel H2 Stix, I take the full sachet each time in about 500 ml of filtered water, and I take 2 per day, as per the recommended dose.


Here is a testimonial that Dr Curt received a couple of days of ago about the Sisel H2 Stix. “Doc the H2 is great, as you know I suffer from major depression, it really seems to help, seems to be working on arthritis in my hands and drink a lot of water now, I believe I was extremely dehydrated, in only a week I look a lot younger and feel lighter. “


“I have trouble with my feet because of frost bite and yesterday I soaked my feet in a foot bath with 2 STIX after I shoveled snow for over an hour…my feet felt so much better!!! I never would have thought of this till I read the last post on the 6 STIX bath!!!”


“My wife just did that and rubbed H2 water into her skin ! Her hands were dried out and hurting she rubbed H2 Stix water on them and got immediate results! Awesome stuff! Thanks Tom! #h2stix”


“I just started drinking water supercharged with Sisel H2 Stix and though I only had just a few glasses of it – the notable energy boost and the feel better all over feeling that it delivers has more than convinced me that Sisel H2 Stix is another Sensational Product from the Minds at Sisel.”


“Just tried my Sisel H2 STIX…Wow!!! I love it…. I went & did my Pilates workout straight after I drank it, & by the way the taste is sensational!!! I have problems with cramping & body starts to quiver towards the end of workout, well I got none of the above, & the workout was way easier for me….I need more immediately.”


Melanie Ward “Three applications of Diatomic Hydrogen water! Can you see the power of this product?? I am so happy I could pee myself!!!”


“Man, that hydrogen water is super cool. I usually have 2 cups of coffee in the morning and then one more in the afternoon so I don’t get sluggish. Totally didn’t need it today had a whole bunch of energy. I also didn’t get that fast heartbeat that I get from coffee”


“I have been putting diatomic hydrogen water on some eczema I have on my leg, and also in my bath, something that happens every winter. Wow, it is no longer visible and no itching. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I wish I would have taken a before photo. Thank you”

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