We are very close to getting official news from The General Manager of Australia/NZ Jim O’Reilly about the switch to the NZ warehouse shipping for Australia.

As you know  we have been waiting a long time, the delays were mostly due to website cliches needing to be ironed out and needing more staff.

The beta testing for shipping has started with a select group of people.

Once complete they will review the process to look for improvements and the announcement and switch over will occur.

If you have read this post it means you are pretty keen to  get started with building a big business. If you would like complementary business cards please fill out this form.

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Katie Siselers Connect Support Team Member.


Hi Team. Here is all the compensation plan training information we have been covering the last few weeks.

This is really important to understand moving forward.

Two PDFs to review as well as two video links (this is on private and only for our team).



This week on Saturday (in Australia) Friday night in the USA, we will be covering a condensed version. How to explain it in 5 minutes and a 10 minute overview.

The more you hear the information the better you will understand and grasp it.

An invitation and meeting time for the live training will be sent out this week.


Full COMP Plan 2017

Explanation of Comp Plan

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